Our technologies :

Mastering most advanced techniques.

TMM masters for several dozen years the transformation of plastics , more especially :

  • extrusion blow moulding (mono layer)
  • co extrusion blow moulding (multi layer with barrier)
  • injection moulding

Furthermore , our investment policy guarantees a production with modern industrial equipments , a reliable manufacturing with close to 100% service rate . Our development team is permanently looking for innovations and improvements that could bring improved or new features to our products . For instance , new shapes are being studied for a better use , rinsing , storage and transport of our packs. Optimised quality , Total Safety , Legal constraints fully taken into account ….Nothing is left apart to satisfy your requirements.

Flexibility and reactivity in a medium size structure in order to better serve you

Unique position in Europe , complete pack range of quality packs , international network and sharp techniques … Our company offers you lots of advantages to fully answer today’s tomorrow’s needs in Crop Protection Packaging. Our flexible industrial and commercial teams are anytime at your disposal to bring you the customised solution with immediate answers to your seasonal requirements.