Our Duty day after day:

Ensure that your products are efficiently protected at any time , increase their perceived value and help you to respect the regulatory constraints.

Our 2 family companies have joined their strengths since 1999, in order to offer most performing packs to Crop Protection Industry . Our wide range of containers from 100 ml to 20L in both monolayer or multilayer execution , associated with closure systems and accessories allows TMM to address competitively your specific packaging needs , as for instance seasonal peek demand , safety (UN) and innovation.

TMM in a few key figures

Creation in 1999 by two family companies , Millet Plastic Group, injection and extrusion blow moulding specialist, and Tournaire, multilayer coextrusion specialist.

TMM manufacturing base rely on these 2 leading groups with following resources :

  • 600 staff on 6 ISO 9001 certified industrial sites
  • 125 millions d’euros turnover by transforming 30 000 tons of polymers
  • 100 blow molding machines and 60 injection machines
  • a very strong industrial presence in Europe and the USA
  • a worldwide commercial network in 5 languages (french, english, german, spanish and italian)